The Child gets off The School Bus and gets Stuck while The Driver Stops and Helps

December 28, 2020 VIDEOS


In Monsey Village, Ramapo, New York, USA, one of the drivers recently confirmed that there are still good people among us who know how to keep their little ones safe.

The camera in his car recorded how the bus driver threw two children on the road, and the children got into trouble.

The children were driving along the road in front of a pile of snow, but were unable to get onto the sidewalk due to obstacles. The elder succeeded, but the younger got stuck in traffic.

The driver, observing the entire event from a different lane, took action immediately. He stopped the car in his car, then got out of the car and helped the child escape.

Take a look at the image taken by the DVR installed in his car. Another proof that there are many good people among us.

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