The Bride walks Down The Hallway, But the Door makes her Special when she signs in front of the Deaf Groom

November 6, 2020 VIDEOS


January 27th in Sydney, Australia was a special day for Elizabeth and Scott. On that day, they officially said, “Mister. Mrs. “At most weddings, the bride or groom seems to have something special in their future spouse. For this couple, great pride has something to do with the groom. ”

As her fiancé stood at the end of the line, Christina Perry’s famous Millennium began playing. As Scott waited for her to move forward, Elizabeth looked at him and raised her hand. The next thing he did was, of course, tears.

When he was only five years old, Scott began to lose his hearing. At eight years old, he was completely deaf. The two lovers met on Tinder two years before their wedding. To understand each other, Elizabeth began to teach him sign language. Before the wedding, Elizabeth confirmed how she learned to sign the lyrics of her favorite song.

Elizabeth cried when she saw that he signed the text for her. It was a small wedding with only 45 guests and hundreds of thousands of people could witness this exciting part of the wedding.

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They can even be one of the guests at their wedding almost on the same day and feel what it should be like.

In an interview with the Daily Mail Australia, Elizabeth shared that Scott had never heard the lyrics before. However, she wanted him to translate the lyrics to her favorite song. He knew how to make this day special for her.

When asked why he learned to write sign language, he said: “Before we met, I did not know sign language. Before entering, I was very scared – I not only wanted to fix everything, but also knew that there were friends with hearing impairments.

He said that walking down the hallway that day was an emotion for him and he really wanted to make things right. He did it!

For three months, Elizabeth taught herself Auslan, the sign language of Australia. He shared how quickly he learned sign language through online classes, programs, and videos on the Internet. Of course, it was not easy, but he needed to learn patience and perseverance, so he had no doubt how to overcome it.

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However, that day she was worried because she said that she was wrong every time she trained. But to her surprise, the wedding day was perfect for her lyrics!

Her teenage son accompanied her to the ceremony, but at the end of the line she knew she had to do it herself. He said Scott was a little embarrassed at first. He was lucky that day, and everything came from his heart. He wanted Scott to show him how much he loved her, and she succeeded.

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