The 84-year-old grandma steals the show like a flower girl at a wedding

October 24, 2020 VIDEOS


These days, the Internet is surrounded by beautiful videos in which an 84-year-old grandmother steals all the videos she shot at a wedding.

In the church, she played the role of a flower girl who planted flowers before the arrival of the bride and groom towards the altar.

84-year-old Marcel Petriou played a special role in the wedding of his granddaughter Sari Tellers and threw flowers in the church.


The video was filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana and the scenes impressed many online users. The granddaughter describes her grandmother as a special woman who is always kind and smiling.

The bride also wrote on the Internet that her grandmother was happy with her request. He immediately reaffirmed his role and acknowledged a moment of pity in the church, which quickly surfaced online..

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