He Tells His Two Dogs They Can’t Have A Bite Of His Sandwich

May 24, 2018 VIDEOS


When Ron sits down to have his snack, he does so gracefully, but his dogs always seem to be in the mood to have him throw something at them. However, Ron won’t do that without some prodding.

Here’s big Ron with his tattoos and a goatee, and this day, he’s having his egg sandwich. As he gets into his business, Dinky, a big dog, comes in. Now Dinky is an animal that loves to ‘take’ things from his owner, so he now wants a piece of the snack, but dad objects because the dog didn’t even eat his food. As you can see, the creature is trying its best to get some points of approval.

As they go about their little debate while mom puts them on tape, Dinky’s brother, Romeo, walks in, but he’s not the type to beg, so he does something that Dinky should remember next time: Patience pays, brother.
In the end, dad has to give in and share his meal with all three of his pets, Peanut included as the third. Now see how they thank him!

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