How Would You Tell That A Service Dog Is A Fake? Check This Out And Take Note

July 2, 2017 VIDEOS


I had no idea this could actually be happening for real until I bumped into this video, and now I’m over here looking confused. Why do people do this?

Okay, let’s talk about service dogs. You see, a service dog is recognized by the law. You can get into a plane or any other restricted area with a service dog and no one will even stop you. Mostly, your service dog will have a special vest on to identify its role as a special dog. However, this priority has now taken another turn, with people trying out some tricks to trot their ordinary pets into restricted spaces. That’s sad!

To bring out the whole truth, one reporter, Alexandra Lewis, decided to try it out first hand. She purchased a service dog vest from some online site and had her dog don it. Next, she walked into a supermarket. Surprisingly, and despite the untrained dog behaving so erratically, no one noticed that it’s actually a fake!

Watch the video here and see how all this happened. SHARE the clip to spread awareness about these fake service dogs!

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