Teen Puts Drops Teeth In Coke Bottle To Show What Happens

August 18, 2018 VIDEOS


Soda pop is one of the most popular beverages out there. We all know that soda isn’t a healthy option to drink, but do you actually know what it does to you? Experimenting on your kid sister’s teeth probably isn’t the most brilliant idea out there, but that didn’t stop teenage YouTuber Chase Wiley from doing it anyways. Don’t you love big brothers?

Chase loves Mountain Dew, but he knows it’s really bad for your teeth. He decided to conduct a scientific experiment on his sister’s molars, just to see what would happen. Chase carefully weighed the teeth, then he dropped a tooth into bottles of Mountain Dew and Coke. He left them alone for three weeks, but what he discovered afterwards was quite astonishing!

Both Mountain Dew and Coke are highly acidic, but Coke is 6 times more acidic than the Mountain Dew. Can you guess what happened after he dug out the baby teeth? The results are actually quite surprising, and not what you would expect at all. It may even have you scrutinizing ingredient labels more closely. If you drink soda, you need to see this. Watch the video below to see what happened to the teeth.

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