Tearjerking moment girl asks stepfather to adopt her

July 18, 2018 VIDEOS


Heartwarming footage shows a young girl asking her stepfather to adopt her with an adorable photo album message.

Alexa Figueroa, 13, can be seen fidgeting excitedly in her chair next to Gus Roman in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as he flicks through her Father’s Day gift.

And when Gus reaches the last photo he is overwhelmed with emotion – it is a picture of Alexa holding a sign asking if he wants to be her adoptive parent.

It reads: ‘Hey Dad! 10 years seems long enough don’t ya think?! Wanna adopt me?’

Holding his head in his hands, his eyes well with tears. She gives him a big hug and laughs.

‘Of course I do!’ he tells her.

Gus has raised Alexa since she was two years old after her father passed away a week before her first birthday.

He has a seven-year-old son called Noah with Alexa’s mother Mia. It was Noah who asked if his half sister was going to change her surname so they could all be ‘Roman’.

Some of the adorable photos Alexa included in the Father’s Day album as a present for Gus

Noah gives presents to his father first then hangs off his shoulder affectionately as he carefully flicks through Alexa’s photo album.

Among the pictures was Gus and Alexa’s first ever photo together when she was a little girl.

And he can’t control his overwhelming happiness as he learns she wants him to be her adoptive father.

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