Sweet Little Shih-Tzu Has A Blast Playing With His Owner

January 11, 2017 VIDEOS


This funny video is a delight to watch and features one of the most adorable shih-tzu puppies you have ever seen! This sweet pup’s owner is on the floor playing with him and the puppy cannot get enough of nibbling on his ears and nose. It is so fun to watch the two of them interacting with one another and it is easy to tell they are having a great time.

This is a video that could be watched countless times and never gotten tired of. There is something so magical about watching a tiny pup like this enjoying play time with his owner. When you see the two of them together, your heart will absolutely melt. No one can honestly say they don’t like puppies! If you have not had your cuteness meter filled for the day, check out this adorable video and watch it a few times. After watching, Please SHARE on Facebook.

Philippe LISSART

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