Swedish Singer Comes On AGT To Deliver Most Emotional Cover Of John Lennon’s Hit

July 14, 2019 VIDEOS


Swedish singer Chris Kläfford has appeared on the audition of America’s Got Talent this time and has taken over the judges and many guests in the hall.

He started to perform the song “Imagine”, and with his take he touched many on the wider web!

Kläfford, who won the Season 13 competition of the Swedish Idol, had many guests in tears at the audition of American talent.

The song “Imagine”, which is still considered one of the greatest hits by John Lennon, moved people to tears with his performance, which started soft and grew more intense and powerful as he went.

The excitement over the Swedish singer was not hidden even by the strict judge Simon Cowell, who praised his performance and described the whole act as something very special. Listen to the audition from the America’s Got Talent show, where Chris Kläfford from Sweden was glittering these days!

Source: klipland

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