Swarms of uncharacteristically large mosquitoes have overtaken North Carolina in the wake of Hurricane Florence

October 4, 2018 VIDEOS


North Carolina State University entomologist Michael Waldvogel told USA Today the large pests are called “Gallinippers” or “Psorophora ciliata.”

They can be three times as large as average mosquitoes. The floodwaters after Hurricane Florence can cause dormant eggs to hatch, spiking their population into the billions.

North Carolina resident Cassie Vadovsky posted a video to Facebook showing a swarm of the blood-thirsty insects outside her car at her home.

Cassie Vadovsky recorded video of the blood-sucking bugs swarming her home after she picked up her daughter from school. “I’ve never seen mosquitoes this bad before , Vadovsky’s video has been viewed more than 391,000 times.
Source: cbs4indy

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