Marine Makes An Emotional House Visit To His Mother Right Before Christmas

December 25, 2019 VIDEOS


Not only do many military careers involve dangerous circumstances, but being in the military often means our loved ones won’t get to spend as much time with us. This means they’ll miss family birthdays, many holidays, special events, and important milestones. So, whenever our military loved one eventually returns home, it’s always a special moment.

When one U.S. marine was giving the ‘okay’ to return home for the holidays in December of 2013, he decided to show up on his mother’s doorstep without telling her first. The perfect Christmas surprise! The footage of the surprise was captured and posted by the marine’s brother-in-law, Deral Meek, Jr., which earned over seven million views.

In the short yet emotional clip, the marine confidently walks up to Mom’s front door, dressed head to toe in his uniform. Not long after knocking on her door, Mom opens the door in a robe, loudly screaming and instantly giving her son a big hug! “Oh my God!” the mom repeats multiple times. She definitely didn’t expect such an early Christmas gift, let alone, her son as the Christmas gift! And I have a feeling this momma already got everything she wanted for Christmas: her son to return home.

The mom’s reaction perfectly describes how all of us feel on the inside when we see someone we haven’t seen in a very long time. Even the marine son is emotional. His large, toothy grin says it all!

Another military mom can relate in the comments section of the video:

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