Strangers Notice Some Movement In The Snow, Then They Find This… So Disheartening!

January 25, 2017 VIDEOS


As faithful as a dog is a saying which is common with most people out there. This because dogs are faithful, adorable, sweet and cute to look at. We all love to imagine a dog in the best of conditions and the best of looks.

It is somehow disheartening to find a dog in deplorable conditions.What would be worse than finding a puppy outside in the cold, especially in snowy conditions?

In Cheektowaga, NY two women were walking outside in the cold and noticed a Chihuahua shivering in the cold. It was weak and surely appeared to urgently need something to eat. They immediately took it to the car away from the danger of freezing to death.

It was later taken to the veterinarian where it is now under a good care of animal protection services. This is an act that will cheer you up if you are an animal lover.

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