Dogs Stay Stunningly Still, three dogs that are very obedient

August 16, 2019 VIDEOS


Evelyn Edblad is the proud owner of three dogs that are very obedient. They also proved it these days in a video that instantly surrounded the world and impressed many animal lovers.

The owner instructed the dogs to stand still before giving them permission to discover nature.

Near Sundsvall, Sweden, owner Evelyn Edblad filmed a scene in which three dogs stole whole attention: Jackson, Cash and X.

She taught them how to freeze on command, and with their obedience the dogs took over many. All three stand frozen before the forest trail!

The owner wrote in the recording that she had taught them all herself, but at the same time acknowledged that this breed is naturally a shepherd’s dog – they often stand still while controlling sheep. Check out the clip that impresses many animal lovers these days!

Source: klipland

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