Starved pit bull roams the streets alone, but his rescue is nothing like you’ve seen before

April 20, 2018 VIDEOS


Pets are lovely animals who make us happy, but some people mistreat them by abandoning them.

An organization by the name of Hope For Paws, was contacted and told of a pit bull that had been abandoned somewhere in the downtown of Los Angeles. The rescue team immediately got into the vehicle and started driving around downtown until they saw him at some ally. They stopped the vehicle and threw some cookies to convince him that they were not in for anything bad.

Surprisingly enough, the pit bull who was huge in size never proved to be hard to get as he became very friendly with them. On inquiring with the mechanics in the place, they told them that he indeed was a stray dog.

With no difficulty, they put a leash on his neck and led him to the vehicle. They gave him a name of Brutus.

Watch the clip below to see how thankful the pit bull was for having been rescued by the team. Please SHARE this to all your friends on Facebook if you think all animals deserve a good life!

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