He Starts Playing Hide & Seek With His New Kitten. The Moment She Pops Out Has Everyone in Hysterics

February 25, 2018 VIDEOS


Have you ever wished that you never aged?

Well, the same thing happens when you have a cute little pet that you really like to play with all the time. You never want them to grow up because you fear they might get less active on the playing field, and you’re really not so cool with that.

The following video shows you one of those moments when a good dad gets a new kitty and then finds some time to play around with them. The guy in the clip, Greg Torkarski, a cool YouTuber, has taught his little one, Button, about hide-and-seek, so they engage in a cute game of wits that’s sure to impress you.

On his YouTube channel, the dad wrote that after all the hiding and seeking, Button had some really nice cuddles and kisses coming, we imagine and really like that.

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