She Spots Strange Animal in Her Pool, Realizes It’s Not a Dog and Starts Recording

March 4, 2018 VIDEOS


Have you ever been visited by “aliens?”

Brittney Benincasa got the feel of it when she walked out to her swimming pool and spotted something interesting in it. On getting a closer look, the smart lady knew she had to grab her camera immediately. This was a moment to go down in history!

Turns out, a wild animal had showed up in the family compound and found the swimming pool. In his brilliance and bravery, the cool deer saw it fit and very comfortable to enjoy a dip into the waters in there, and he did exactly that!
In the clip, you see the brave creature moving around the water in the pool and appearing to really feel good about it.

Most people would throw a tantrum and go all out against a wild animal using their swimming pool, but Brittney chose to give the sweet, cute animal some time to enjoy himself. And then he went out, and returned for another dip the next day!

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