Little Girl Plays “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” On Violin, Even The Dog Was Amazed

June 26, 2019 VIDEOS


Karolina Protsenko may be only 10, but despite her youth, she is a real online sensation.

For many years she has been involved in violin playing and has published a number of videos on her Youtube channel, where she cover famous songs on her violin. To date, her channel has more than 1.3 million subscribers!

A little musician comes from the United States, and this time she played a popular “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” song on one of the streets. Over her marvelous playing, even the dog was delighted, who watched the show in the company of other passersby!

Karolina began playing the violin at the age of six, and in 2016 she set up her own channel on the Youtube network. With the videos she posted there, she has circled the world several times and delighted many music lovers!

Listen to the exceptional performance of 10-year-old girl Karolina when she played the song “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” on the violin and even impressed the dog in the audience!

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