Soldier Meets His War Dog After A Long Separation. Check This Moment – Moving!

March 26, 2017 VIDEOS


What feeling do you have for your beloved soldiers and veterans? What are your feelings for the dogs of war which are in charge of ensuring the safety of those we cherish?

Sgt. Tom Hanson worked with one cute dog called Taylor in Afghanistan. The dog rescued the soldier and his coworkers several times detecting IEDs and alarming them of many dangers. Tom served two deployments on the battle zone, and every time, he had Taylor.

The two pals were separated when one had to go home. But it seems someone thinks about these dogs of war that he can dig into the pocket to make sure they reunite with their loved ones.

But who would care for Taylor better than Tom?

The recording below captures the moment the two got reunited after they were separated from the time of war.

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