Soldier finds lifeless puppy in flooded house – Refuses to give up on it and performs impossible miracle

January 16, 2018 VIDEOS


No one even wants to imagine a huge natural disaster hitting their neighborhood. It’s heartbreaking to imagine the kind of destruction that natural disasters can leave behind. But these things happen, and all people have to do is fight on and survive. It happened in Bangkok, Thailand.

When a deadly flood hit the Thai capital, troops were sent in to help the people. Their main job was to make sure everyone was safely evacuated from the area. Weeraphon Sukudom is an officer in the army, and he was there. This day was going to change his life!

As they were doing their job, the soldiers happened to enter a flooded home looking for anyone left behind. Turns out, everyone including animals had been evacuated, except one – a little puppy that had been swept away by the flood. The poor thing was drowning!

Sukudom couldn’t let the innocent pup die. He saved its life, even performing CPR on the animal. The puppy survived. Next? Sukudom adopted the pup! Awesome!

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