Puma Takes On Guanaco Three Times Her Weight

November 10, 2019 VIDEOS


Guanaco is the ancestor of the llama and alpaca, which lives at high altitude in the highlands of northwestern South America.

People get wool from its hair, but wool of smaller alpaca is better. Guanaco can grow up to 120 cm tall (3 ft 11 in) at the shoulder.

These days, BBC Earth has posted a video of nature in which we can watch a relentless puma attack on a guanaco. Even though the puma was three times smaller than guanaco, it still chose to attack.

For lunch, the puma, along with the cubs, had to work harder that day, as he guanaco dodged puma’s attack. Escaping from inexperienced puma cubs was an easy task at the end.

Take a look at the relentless nature scene posted online these days by BBC Earth. Another proof of how cruel Mother Nature is!

Source: KlipLand

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