Roller Skater Gracefully Glides To Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”

February 20, 2020 VIDEOS


But regardless of the fact that most people only roller skate during childhood and that it generally isn’t as popular of an activity as, say, bike-riding, there are still many folks out there who enjoy it. Luna Casaretto is one of those people. Luna, who’s an inline skater for Magma Patinaje Artistico, makes her passion for roller skating apparent during the 2014 Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition.

In a video of Luna’s performance on skates, the beautiful blonde sits down in a glittery, white dress with her knees to her face. As Whitney Houston’s classic song, “I Will Always Love You,” begins, the young woman slowly dances along before doing a cartwheel to get onto her feet.

Once she’s standing, Luna begins to glide on the rink. She does multiple turns, skates backward, and even does a quick twist into the air before carefully landing back on her skates. If you don’t look down at her feet, I guarantee you will think she’s actually ice skating, only she isn’t!

One of the crowd’s favorite parts of Luna’s routine is when she goes from casually skating to rapidly yet consistently spinning several times in a row on one foot. After that move, the inline skater goes all out with more elegant kicks, spins, and at one point, skating on one foot while she holds her other leg straight up in the air. Wow!

The song comes to a close, and Luna is back with the one-leg spins. She spins from a standing position, transitioning to a spin at ground-level with her knee bent, and then back to a standing position before softly returning back to her initial location at the start of her routine. Absolutely incredible!

Fortunately, Luna’s amazing performance did not go unnoticed. The audience cheered for her at several points during her routine. Not to mention, the girl also won first prize that day!

Source: Metaspoon

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