Single Father Adopts Child with Down Syndrome, Rejected By 20 Families

December 28, 2020 VIDEOS


From neighboring Italy comes a captivating story and video about a single father who surprised the world with a completely unique movement.

In particular, he adopted a girl with Down syndrome, and before his family was different, so 20 families refused.

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Luca Trapanese is one of the few single men in Italy to adopt a child. The adoption procedure there was very strict, but the father was successful.

He adopted a little girl named Alba, who had previously been rejected by 20 different families. Since he has Down syndrome, his difference is his difference. Her adoptive father from Italy wants to show the world that Down syndrome is not a disease, but a truly beautiful form of beauty.

Watch a thrilling video of Italian single father Luca Trapanes adopting Alba, a girl with Down syndrome. Perfect proof that good people still exist in every corner of the globe.

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