Shortly After Birth, The Baby Elephant Is Handled With Blades. Years Later, They Drive The Animal Through The Ring.

June 13, 2018 VIDEOS


All is not what it seems at this elephant conservation center.

#1 Behind The Curtains
This elephant calf was tied to the ground and surrounded by guards who mistreat it with ropes and sticks at the Center For Elephant Conservation In Florida, USA. It is unbelievable that these horrible scenes are taking place under the guise of “elephant protection”.

#2 Separated At Birth
The operator of the center is the American Ringling Brother Circus who uses the facility for breeding and training of his circus elephants. The animals are separated from their mothers right after being born and trained for the circus shows.

#3 Mental And Physical Torture
As part of the “training” a cruel instrument is used, better known as the goad or ankus. At the head of this “animal tamer rod”, there are two blades, which are drilled directly into the elephant’s sensitive skin.

#4 A Painful Upbringing
You can tell how painful this really is by the number of elephants who do not survive the procedure. The 8-month-old calf, Ricardo, had to be euthanized after it fell from a platform during training and broke two of his legs. A few years earlier, a 3-year-old elephant drowned after it had fled to nearby water out of fear of his tamer’s dreaded torture stick.

#5 Confusing Conservancy
Ringling has terminated his elephant program now that photos like these and stories have gotten out to the public. According to the company, the animals are also supposedly used for cancer research, but who knows if that’s the truth? Elephants all over the world are still being mistreated and used for entertainment and tourism purposes.

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