Shelter Dog Gets A Haircut For The First Time Ever. The Transformation Is So Fulfilling

May 4, 2018 VIDEOS


Neglected pet is a heartbroken pet. You can’t even begin to imagine just how hurt they feel when their humans go blind and deaf on them. The situation is even nastier for the good creature if they end up homeless. However, we still have good people around, people like these guys from Forever Fido Rescue. Good!

When they found and brought her in, Dakota was in such a bad shape that she couldn’t even breathe in peace. Her fur coat was covered in mange, fleas, vomit and feces. The stench was suffocating, but the staff at the shelter did their best. They managed to give the canine a nice shave and make her feel like a living being once again.
Forever Fido Rescue. Good!

From the video, it’s clear that this animal is very grateful for this. She’s really enjoying the new experience with no dirty fur to carry around, all thanks to these kind people. Although she’s still working hard to walk properly again, Dakota is making great progress. She’s going to be the nicest dog around. Watch the video and SHARE with your Facebook friends!

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