She Lost Her Way, listening to the dad’s engine, and rushed to him, shedding tears

June 25, 2020 VIDEOS


We say it again and again: our dogs are our family. If my dog ​​disappears, it will become part of my heart. This is not our prayer. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

A dog named Xian-Mao was with her dad at the market. This is a weekly event that they both look forward to. Xi’an Mao knows how to keep himself in good hands and be at peace with his master. However, during one of his many trips, someone lit a fire nearby and scared poor Xian-Mao.


Xi’an-Mao sounded like lightning and ran in the opposite direction at high speed.


Xian-Mao’s dad was heartbroken. He looked everywhere for his precious dog but she was nowhere to be found. Xian-Mao knows her neighborhood well but when she panicked she continued to run and ended up someplace she didn’t recognize and she couldn’t find her way home.


After 6 heartwrenching days, Xian-Mao wandered to her owner’s friend’s house. The smart dog finally recognized her surroundings since Xian-Mao often went to this house with her dad. Her dad’s friend was on high alert knowing Xian-Mao had been missing. They called Xian-Mao’s dad straight away and he came as fast as he could!

The little dog finally sees her dad and it’s like a real child seeing their parent after being separated for ages. Xian-Mao cries! The way she carries on is proof of her love for her human.

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