Plantation Of Cannabis Seen From Helicopter At La Vuelta Cycling Race

September 8, 2019 VIDEOS


A cannabis plantation was seen in a helicopter video during Le Vuelta cycling race in Spain. No doubt, owner got very unlucky there!

Catalan police conducted an investigation into the cannabis plantation owner’s flat thanks to helicopter shots during the Spanish Vuelta cycling race. The scene was taken by helicopter cameras in the last mile of the eighth stage through the streets of the Catalan city along the Anoii river.

In addition to the many beautiful sights, the scene with the cannabis planting was also broadcasted live!

The police seized 40 seedlings and no one was found at the apartment during the search. You can watch the scene in the video below after 32 seconds when you can see a cannabis plant surrounded by numerous solar panels on the right side of the road.

Source: klipland

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