See How Starving And Emaciated Horse Transforms After Being Rescued

January 11, 2017 VIDEOS


This heartbreaking video ends with a truly happy ending so make sure you watch all the way to the end. Benny is the horse in this video and when he first arrived at the Last Stop Horse Rescue, he was very thin and incredibly sick. The rescuers did not think he would even make it through the night but Benny was a fighter and he refused to give up!

When you see Benny transforming throughout this video, you are going to be shocked! The changes almost make it look as if he is not even the horse that was shown at the beginning. Benny has worked hard to overcome his health issues and malnourishment and he is now back on his feet and running! The rescuers here have worked so hard to help Benny and they never gave up on him. Check out this awesome story and Please SHARE on Facebook with your friends.

LastStop HorseRescue

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