Scared Dog Doesn’t Recognize Family Until Mom Puts Out Hand And Incredible Scene Unfolds

September 20, 2018 Videos


For many of us our pets are like our children, so the thought of one going missing is just heartbreaking. This is exactly how one family felt when their dog Maggie disappeared. The adorable little pooch was nowhere to be seen, despite having been microchipped. She was gone for 19 whole months before they finally received a call from a shelter saying that someone had found her, and turned her over to them. With all the time that had gone by, it was a miracle to say the least.

As hard as it was for the family having Maggie missing for all that time – it’s even harder to think of what the dog herself had gone through. All she knew was that her loved ones were gone, and her home was no longer the home she knew. Fortunately, when Maggie was brought to Saginaw County Animal Care and Control they were able to find her real family through the microchip. A mom and her daughters headed down to the facility excited to be reunited with their long-lost pet. However, because of everything Maggie experienced – she was frightened.

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