Momma Skunk Helps Babies Climb Up The Curb When They’re Stranded

July 29, 2019 VIDEOS


Do you recall those days when you were a kid and needed help climbing a tree? Or, when you wanted to play on the monkey bars but didn’t have the strength to hold yourself up for that long, who came to help you up? Mom? Dad? Maybe both?

Parents come to the rescue for their kids all the time. They’re the guardians and caretakers who will put their lives at risk, or simply suffer through a little bit of discomfort, to ensure that their little ones are safe and sound, always. And, this notion isn’t just true for human parents—animal parents work the same way!

We’ve seen numerous times that animals will help their young ones along almost all the time. They’ll get human attention when they think that they need an extra hand; they’ll dig their little ones out of tough situations, and they’ll carry them through unsafe territory so not to put them down in danger. Animals have very protective instincts when it comes to their respective children, very similar to us humans.

Once all the kiddos are up and the family is ready to move on, a couple of the skunk siblings go back to the edge of the pavement and look down just to make sure that no one was left behind. It’s such a sweet gesture that shows how these guys are looking out for one another.

The person recording the video is at a safe distance from the family but managed to capture the moment just perfectly. It’s always important to keep a safe distance from wild animals, you never know when they’ll get defensive and begin to treat you as a threat to them and their families. Always call aminal support services if you feel like an animal is in distress and you’re unable to provide immediate help.

Click on the video below to watch Momma Skunk help out her little ones.

Source: metaspoon

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