He Risks His Life To Save A Puppy. Would You Do It

July 18, 2017 VIDEOS


This story took place in Serbia. It confirms how affectionate and human some individuals can be. Would you put your life in danger for a puppy?

ZoranPavlovic walks along with his friends when they see this overpass. Then they see this hopeless pup ensnared in a tiny island under the bridge. Everybody is surprised, and they want to assist this one.

They contact animal rescue organizations, and most of them can’t do it to save the pup. But one guy does not give a damn about the danger. SasaPesic cares about rescuing lives, and he will go any miles to save animals.

Pesic works with NaissusPAWark, a local dog orphanage, and they have rescued more than 450 animals. Watch this clip as he goes down to save the unhappy little dog. Did this video put a grin on your face?

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