Rescuers Free Poor Deer Who Is Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

November 24, 2018 VIDEOS


This is the kind of feel-good video that just makes your day much brighter! When a poor deer got stuck between decorative rocks and a fence, rescuers were called in to save the day. Although it took a little bit of force and elbow grease, they were finally able to free her from her predicament so she was no longer in pain. In the video, you will see as her legs are strapped and they carefully pull her from her confinement.

It takes a little bit of time for her to regain her composure but she is soon galloping away to go and find her family. It is a joy to see her run away, knowing she was not severely harmed in the process of becoming stuck. These heroes truly did save the day and made a huge difference by helping this poor, innocent creature. If you believe they deserve an award, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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