Rescue Horse Experiences 1st Snow, Her Reaction Melts Hearts

August 26, 2018 VIDEOS


In areas where winter snowfall is a common occurrence, most of us worry about our morning commutes, shoveling the sidewalk, and other concerns. Yet, sometimes, seeing something so common through fresh eyes can reawaken wonder in all of us.

In Michigan, near America’s northernmost border, snow is a regular feature of their winters, but for a rescue horse named Bella, it’s something entirely brand new. Recently, when a winter snowfall left the ground covered in the white stuff, Bella raced out to trot around in it.

Bella was born and spent most of her life in Florida, a state known for some rough weather of its own – but not snow.

This is actually her second winter up north. Yet, last year was so mild she never got the chance to experience snow on the ground. This year, Bella not only saw the snow, but got up-close to it.

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