Rescue Dog Jake Becomes A Firefighter Hero

June 30, 2020 VIDEOS


Jake’s Page.Facebook

Sometimes we face difficult problems in life. It doesn’t matter how they start the race, but it doesn’t matter how you finish it. A striking example of this is the story of a very moving bull named Jake.

When Jake was a little puppy, he burned out. He was only a few weeks old at that time. Luckily for Jake, a fireman rescued him from a burning barn. He was taken to the veterinarian for treatment. The poor puppy was badly burned by fire and burned everywhere.

Unfortunately for Jake, his partners were in a veterinary clinic, which he officially left. Wounded and deported. I don’t look very good because of the little puppy. But later, fate decided to adopt Jake, who was instructed to save Jake on behalf of the puppy.

Jake’s Page.Facebook

Jake was an important part of society when he worked in the fire department, but work with this dog is not yet complete. In the future, Jake will also be able to work with burnt children, so he will be a dog admitted to treatment.

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