Rejected Dog Cries Himself To Sleep. He needs a kind person now more than ever.

February 4, 2018 VIDEOS


Picture this:

You’ve been living with some beloved family members for quite a while, and then one day they wake up and say they don’t love you anymore. They want you gone and forgotten. They’ve nothing to do with you anymore, and they want you off the property soonest possible. What would you feel?

If you can imagine that, then you can imagine the terrible pain this dog must be going through. Jordy’s family bundled him up with his toys one day and they dropped him off at the Carson Animal Shepherd based in Gardena, California.

The dog is pained and isolated. He can no longer find fun in anything. He just lays there crying in his kernel. If he doesn’t find another home by the next few weeks, he will be put down to free up the kernel space. Jordy is fighting for his life here, and someone needs to save him. He needs a kind person now more than ever. Who will stand up for Jordy?
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