Puppy Dog AdoptsA Goat’s Way Of Life. This Is Unbelievable

July 2, 2017 VIDEOS


At a farm known as Sunflower, the yard is getting bigger because recently Lola, a small Chihuahua of 8 weeks of age, came into the farm that is well known of breeding pajama-wearing baby goats. The adorable first moment that the puppy met the goats was attractive, that it was filmed on camera!

The farm owners left a comment on YouTube that the puppy charmed immediately when she saw Lady Bug and Princess Leia, who happen to be the baby goats, but before the encounter, he seemed shy.

This coming together with the kid goats makes her feel she is also a goat. She goes ahead to play in the fields like the kid goats, even to an extent of leaping perfectly well like a goat so as to make a perfect company with the kids.

Surprisingly enough, the other mature dogs, a Pug and an English Mastiff seem not to be concerned with Lola meaning that she will continue being with the goat kids for gaming purposes to evade boredom.

It’s so wonderful to watch this puppy playing with the kid goats. Watch it fully and don’t forget to SHARE with all your Facebook buddies!

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