Puppies rescued after finding abandoned puppies in a cave

November 15, 2020 VIDEOS


A few days ago, another exciting video circulated on the Internet in which nice people help abandoned puppies.

They took refuge in a pit in a rock and at first got scared of the rescuers. They never dreamed that their lives would change that day.

The video was posted on YouTube by the Spanish branch of the popular portal The Dodo, which publishes many cute animal videos on the Internet. The abandoned puppies suffered a cruel fate, and they took refuge in the rocks.

At first, they did not trust the rescuers, so they hid deeper in the pit – good people rescued them with sticks and loops.

El Dodo,Youtube

The rescued puppies are waiting for their new loved ones at the shelter, and another mother dog has taken on the role of mother. See how abandoned puppies are pulled out of a stone hole.

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