Mother Bird Prepared To Give Her Life To Protect Her Nest

May 8, 2019 VIDEOS


Every mother will do all she can to protect her children. There is nothing else in animals that always stand on the side of their puppies, even if they have not even peeked into the world.

That’s how it was in the video down below, which quickly circled the Facebook social network in those days.

The video was captured in a field where the bird had a nest in which the eggs were. Farmer had to cultivate the soil, but he had luckly already noticed the bird before. Because he saw that the bird had eggs in the nest, he started his work with a great deal of caution.

When he came to the bird with a tractor, mother did not want to withdraw from the nest for any price. She steadfastly defended her “home” and impressed many on the web with her move!

See how the bird protected its nest with eggs when the field had to be cultivated by a farmer.

Source: klipland

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