This Prairie Dog Thinks She Is An Actual Dog!

January 14, 2017 VIDEOS


The prairie dog in this video is surely confused and thinks she is a true dog! Every time the owner puts out dog food for her dog, the prairie dog takes that as an invitation to eat. In this video, she runs over to the bowl, steals a bite, and runs as hard and fast as she possibly can to her cage. It is hilarious to see her looking so guilty as her owner fusses at her.

This prairie dog evidently thinks she is entitled to eating dog food because her name contains the word “dog.” Just as her owner finishes fussing at her because of her indulgence, she scurries right back to the dog bowl and grabs another piece! This prairie dog does not care how much she gets fussed at, she is going to keep getting her delicious treat as often as she wants! Do not miss out on this cute video and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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