Policeman Carries Old Man Across Busy Road On His Back

June 7, 2018 VIDEOS


Footage has appeared online showing a police officer helping an elderly man across the road by carrying him on his back. Talk about going above beyond the call of duty.

The heartwarming CCTV footage, filmed in south-west China, shows the man attempting to cross the road using two sticks, while some motorists continue to whizz past.

Spotting the man struggling, traffic cop Qin Weijie decided to offer his assistance to the man.

Credit: Mianyang Police
Lifting the man onto his back, Weijie helped him cross the road and safely deposited him on the other side. Nicely done.

Speaking after the incident, according to quotes in the Daily Mail, Weijie said: “The road was quite busy, with a lot of cars. I was afraid that he (the elderly man) might feel unwell if I walked too fast.

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