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Wherever you go in the world, most cities have the major issue of homelessness and poverty. And while it makes us sad to see people in these difficult situations, it is nearly impossible to provide food and shelter for everyone who seeks it. However, those who are determined to help people in need, give them the chance to stand on their feet and change their lives.

And this is what Veteran’s Community Project in Missouri, United States is exactly doing, this organisation that deserves all our respect and praise for the incredible things they’ve done so far. The mission of the group is building small houses for homeless veterans. It’s an amazing way to give back the courage and sacrifices those heroes showed us and the country for years. Now, these veterans not only feel safe in their new houses that they will call home from now on, but they will also be offered free counselling, and job training.

The VCP’s website states, “The goal would be to get veterans straight off the streets and hand them the keys to their fully furnished tiny house (stocked with food), without the veteran having to go through the hassles of waiting for gas, electric, deposits, inspections, and voucher processes. We would then stabilize them to educate and support them on reintegrating into society all while treating and addressing their housing barriers as we move them into permanent housing.”

Additionally, the website says, “Going from extreme isolation to extreme socialization can be very overwhelming and cause unwanted outcomes. We believe that handing the veteran the keys to their own home and letting them socialize at their own pace is key to a successful outcome.”

The construction project began in 2015 and was finished in winter of 2017. To those who participate in this amazing initiative, we thank you for being selfless human beings and thank you for serving these heroes.

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