Police of Texas Respond To Burglary With Guns Drawn Just To Find Unexpected Intruder

June 9, 2019 VIDEOS


These days, police in Lufkin, Texas, received a call about a burglar in one of the houses. They quickly went to the scene of the incident, surrounded the house there and called the robber to surrender.

They waited for a few minutes in front of the house, and then they took things into their own hands!

They also entered the house through a broken glass. Everything seemed to indicate that the robber entered the house right here. But heavily armed police were looking for the robber who did not really exist.

Someone else was the one who caused real destruction in the house …

Immediately upon entering the house, one of the police officers noticed that a deer was the intruder. The animal was trying to get out of the house in all the strains, and finally they succeeded after few attempts.

See how drama was captured on police bodycam these days in Lufkin, Texas.

Source: KlipLand

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