Motorcycle Police From Hungary Plays Rock-Paper-Scissors While Riding

September 4, 2019 VIDEOS


A video clip from Hungary landed online these days, in which two police officers stole whole attention while riding motorcycles.

They were obviously bored while driving on the freeway, so they had fun on their own!

The internet has been surrounded these days by a bizarre scene from a highway in Hungary, when two motorcycle police officers were driving there. While driving, they obviously became bored, causing them to drive side by side and then start a popular game with hands.

They were playing rock-paper-scissors while driving, and one of the drivers captured their act on camera.

Even though such a move is not a good example for drivers, their action has received much praise online. Many have said that such sympathetic scenes, in contrast to police violence, are a real relief.

Source: KlipLand

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