This Is Why We Should Have Pit Bulls At Home. So Cute!

June 22, 2017 VIDEOS


Every dog owner would be very proud of owning a cute canine that knows just how to enjoy the little things in life. Well, the cool animal in this video is one of those that wouldn’t pass up a chance to react to something that lifts his spirits. Just sit back and see this!

His name is Doogie, and he really is a “doggie.” On one occasion, his loving owner, Shane, decided to throw a party, some kind of music “concert,” for him, and it sure was the loveliest moment of Doogie’s life!

So Shane is busy singing Doogie’s favorite song, and the dog is all happy and impressed, taking it all in by stanzas. At one point, he can’t take it anymore. He has to react. See how he rewards his owner for this beautiful piece. Lovely!

You just need to watch this and SHARE right away. Wow!

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