Pet Owner wants to Throw The Dog, Then Posts On Social Media. See What Happens!

March 26, 2017 VIDEOS

If you own a pet that you took from the shelter or the street, then you know the harsh life they have probably experienced.

Their former masters might have rejected many of them.

In spite of what they have experienced, the lovely cat or dog that has suffered that much might be one of the many euthanized animals.

Willow, a Neapolitan Mastiff puppy, was born via breeding and her siblings are in good physical condition. Each of them would go for $1,000 and $3,000 if sold apart from Willow.

Both her breeder and clients refused her because of the deformity she had. At three weeks, Willow wouldn’t stand or walk. She had Swimmer’s Syndrome that affected her and needed treatment at additional costs. Willow’s breeder decided to throw her out but only after sharing on social media platforms.

After the Chances Rescue, Norco president saw the message stepped in to assist. Willow is now an active eight months old pup and is with her new caring and loving master.

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