Parrot Was In The Shower. But What He Did When He Thought No One Was Around? I Cracked Up!

April 22, 2019 VIDEOS


The video below features a white-bellied Caique called Oliver. This little guy is adorable beyond words. Whenever Olivier is in the shower, he loves to sing. You are going to melt when you hear his cute sounds and see how sweet he is.

Caiques are found in South America and they live primarily in the low elevation rainforests of the Amazon Basin. They are used to the rain, which could he why enjoys the shower so much. He sits on the shower curtain rod while his owner takes a shower and entertains her by singing. He’s quite a talented whistler.

Near the end his songs get a bit more creative. He even gives his owner a catcall, which I think is hilarious! Actually, the more I watch it, the more I think no one is actually in the shower. I think his owner turned on the shower to get him to sing while she tapes him. Lucky for us, it worked.


What do you think?