Parents Surprise Daughter With Dog She Had Been Caring For At Shelter

July 9, 2019 VIDEOS


At the end of last year, a wonderful video came on the web, which undoubtedly deserves your viewing. Hallee Fuqua is a girl who has always wanted to have a dog!

Her parents always told her that she should wait until after she graduates college, which was not the best option for her…

That’s why Hallee applied for a volunteer at the Humane Society of Stillwater, where she took care of many puppies. There she fell in love with a dog named Rambo, and she even visited him at a time when she didn’t work.

That is why father Lance Fuqua and his wife decided to surprise their daughter. Three weeks before the video was created, they secretly adopted the Rambo dog and together with the shelter keep everything a secret from their daughter.

When Hallee found out that Rambo had been adopted, she was broken. But she did not even dream of what is really waiting for her…

Her parents soon came up with a wonderful surprise – Rambo was standing in front of the house, and Hallee could barely believed her eyes. She was moved to tears at the fact that from that day on, Rambo will always be hers. Take a look at the wonderful reaction, at which you will definitely need tissues!

Source: klipland

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