Parents Pull Kids from the Boy Scouts, Choose Faith-Based Organization Instead

January 3, 2019 VIDEOS


More and more Christian parents are pulling their kids from the Boy Scouts of America in exchange for a faith-based organization, CBN News reports.

According to the outlet, many Christian parents who do not agree with the new secular policies of BSA are pulling their kids out of the century-old scouting organization and opting for Trail Life USA, a faith-based alternative.

Since the BSA policy change in 2015 that allowed gay adults to lead boy scout troops and the 2017 decision to allow girls and transgender boys to join troops, many Christian parents have moved away from the organization that once emphasized the importance of a nuclear family.

According to World, Trail Life, which was founded in 2014, has seen significant growth since these decisions were made. The outlet reports that the organization now has over 27,000 members and around 800 troops across all 50 states.

CBN News reports that policy changes also seemingly led the Boy Scouts to lose 425,000 members.

Trail Life CEO Mark Hancock offered World a reason for the Boy Scout’s decline in membership noting that the organization had lost their moral compass. He told the outlet, “Any organization that takes steps that appear to indicate they’ve forgotten who they are and who they serve is in danger of losing their way.”

Trail Life USA, he argued, has its moral compass pointing toward Christ. He said, “People know boys and girls are different and they’re looking for common sense solutions. So Trail Life USA provides an answer for today’s boys.”

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