Parents Hear Man’s Voice Over Baby Monitor, Make Scary Discovery

April 22, 2018 VIDEOS


Mom Heather Schreck and hubby Adam were sound asleep, nestled cozily in their bed at their Hebron, Ohio, home. Their 10-month-old baby girl Emma was in her room down the hall, slumbering peacefully.All three were blissfully snoozing. They were completely unaware that a creep was watching Emma sleep…

It wasn’t a “peeping Tom” peering in the nursery window. No one had broken into their home either.So how were prying eyes keeping watch on a sweet, innocent baby girl? You won’t believe how it happened.

Heather drifted out of sleep when she heard a man’s voice faint in the distance. She had no idea what was going, where the voice was coming from and who on earth was talking in her home.
She reached for her cell phone and checked the camera feed from Emma’s room. The camera was moving around, but Heather wasn’t moving it!

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