Ukraine woman gives birth to quintuplets: All 5 babies are healthy

July 2, 2019 VIDEOS

Ukrainian quintuplets

Svetlana Galich, the obstetrician and professor of gynaecology from the Odessa maternity centre, said that the babies were born at 32 weeks. They weighted from 1,1 to 1,8 kg (2,4 to 3,9 lbs). The obstetrician added that the operation was performed by 3 doctors, all named “Svetlana” (it just happened), two of them were professors. She even shared the photos of the team on her Facebook page.

The happy Ukrainian couple has already given names to their babies: Aleksandra, Dariya, Denis, Vladislav and David.

The unique mother said that her husband was shocked to find out that they were going to have 5 kids. They discovered the surprising fact during the first ultrasound check, KP.ua reported.

The pair has one child already, a 3-year-old daughter. Thus, now they are parents of 6 kids.

Odessa officials gifted new parents with a 5-bedroom apartment to settle their giant family. They should probably supply them with a free babysitter or two as well. Odessa’s mayor Gennadiy Trukhanov stated that bringing up 5 little kids is a hard job and promised “big support” for the celebrity parents, Odessamedia.net reported.

The new mother Oksana Kobeletskaya thanked people for their support on her VK page.

Three doctors named Svetlana helped the unique mother from Odessa to give birth to 5 kids.

Unique Ukrainian quintuplets from Odessa. Photo: VK Oksana Kobeletskaya

Mother of Ukrainian quintuplets from Odessa with her older daughter. Photo: VK Oksana Kobeletskaya

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