Owner Says He’s Selling His Dog Because He’s Ashamed Everytime It Barks

August 4, 2019 VIDEOS


Chilufya Phrêsh Mwenya owns a French bulldog, who is really very special. His barking is so unique that he smiles passers-by at every step.

That is why the owner wrote under the video that he is selling the dog, because he is ashamed of his barking!

With this statement, the owner was only joking, but the puppy’s barking really is unusual. Nevertheless, owner is more than happy to bring the dog in public, where he always receives massive attention.

Over the course of two months, the video on the Facebook has exceeded 8 million views!

Listen to the unique barking of the French bulldog, where you will also laugh from your heart. Do you imagine that you have to deal with such a bark while resting?

Source: klipland

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